ST Fibre Patch Panels

ST Fibre Patch Panels

ST Fibre Patch Panels


  • ST 19” 1U sliding tray fibre patch panels suitable for enterprise, data centre, telecoms and a wide variety of LAN applications. Available pre-loaded with ST multimode or singlemode couplers or as an unloaded panel only. With screen printed numbered ports, manufactured with a resilient black powder coated steel finish. 

    The sliding tray allows hands free easy access and is released via push clips. Panels are suitable for direct termination and splicing. Adjustable mounting ears enables the panel to be mounted flush or recessed to allow for patch lead cable bend radius. Multimode panel couplers with Phosphor Bronze sleeves, singlemode with Zirconia Ceramic. Couplers are protected by dust caps.

    There are 6 x rear cable entry points two of which are suitable for up to 15mm cable diameter and four up to 10mm cable diameter. Four of the cable entries have a U cut out which allows pre-terminated cables to be easily installed into the panel. Unused patch panel ports are filled with blanks. 

    Included Accessories:

    • 4 x cable management curly loks with self-adhesive bases.
    • 2 x PG11 cable glands for 5-10mm cable OD.
    • 1 x PG16 gland for 10-14mm cable OD.
    • 4 x cage nut kits.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Sliding Tray for hands free easy access.
    • 4 x cable tray base fixing points for cable ties.
    • 6 x cable entry points.
    • Screen printed numbered ports.
    • Adjustable ears for flush or recessed panel mounting.
    • Low insertion loss.
    • Phosphor bronze multimode and Zirconia Ceramic singlemode sleeves.
    • Couplers protected by dust caps.


  • See Product Specification here.