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Our Fibre Pre-Term Solution

When installing network cabling the challenge can be meeting deadline pressures such as minimal installation time, out of hours working, strict access controls, storage or sometimes the neccesary available skill set to terminate and test on site. 

Our solution is a pre-terminated system where each cable is tested by XSiCute before being delivered to site enabling:

Significantly reduced installation time & labour costs

No site storage and reduced waste

100% Factory tested and inspected enabling plug and play

Supplied with test certificate and fully traceable

Fast turnaround from quote to delivery

Access to unrivalled expertise and experience

XSiCute manufactures fibre pre-terms in many different configurations from multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5 to singlemode OS2 in standard, ruggedised and armoured CST or SWA cable with MPO, LC, SC, FC and ST connector options.


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