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MPO – LC/SC Breakout fibre cables in multimode and singlemode versions. Also known as Hydra or Fan Out assemblies. Available with straight or staggered tail with single sheath CPR Euroclass Cca or dual sheath B2ca ruggedised cable. Allows rapid deployment of data centre high density patching between the switch and server cabinet for LAN applications or Storage Area Networks (SAN) applications.

Standard range with MPO connector on 12 or 8 fibres with either LC Duplex or SC Duplex connectors on the breakout end. Other connector options also available. Eight position assemblies use a 12 position MPO connector with central positions 5 – 8 unused. Both are available in Polarity method A. Always check required number of positions, harness type, MPO male or female, LC or SC connectors and polarity/wiring required before ordering. 

See the xSiCute “Guide to MPO” for an explanation of wiring and polarisation options.

Best of Breed Cable: xSicute MPO breakout assemblies use cable from Draka Prysmian who are the largest cable manufacturer (measured by revenue) in the world. The cable sheath is LSZH to the Euro Class CPR (Constructors Product Regulations) Cca-s1a-d1-a1 for single sheath breakout assemblies or B2ca-s1a-d1-a1 for dual sheath breakouts. CPR regulations have standardised class ratings across Europe and rate how a cable reacts to fire spread, heat release, smoke production, acid gas production and flaming droplets. xSiCute is at the forefront in terms of complying with CPR standards. Not all cable assembly manufacturers use cable of such a high standard. For the xSiCute Guide to CPR Cable EuroClasses click here.

Best of Breed Connectivity: We use low loss ceramic ferrule LC and SC Duplex connectors with Senko MPO Plus Mini Connectors for our MPO assemblies as standard. Senko has taken a leadership role in refining and optimising the original standard for MPO addressing network migration from 10Gb/s to 40 and 100Gb/s systems. Features include the ability to quickly change polarity and gender in the field, allowing greater flexibility in network configuration and faster installation time. Combined with the industry’s lowest insertion loss ferrule, improved mechanical design and a shorter connector length than other brands all of which gives greater durability, versatility and performance.

  • Field changeable polarity and gender MPO connectors allows greater flexibility in network configuration, installation time and stock.
  • Compatible with all MPO/MTP, LC and SC connector
  • 100% factory tested and inspected ensuring plug and play – supplied with test data and fully traceable.
  • MPO Connector ferrule design gives industries lowest insertion loss.
  • Innovative free-floating MPO ferrule maintains connections during mechanical side pull forces.
  • Enhanced MPO oval spring design provides greater fibre clearance and enhances mechanical performance.
  • CPR compliant with B2ca and Cca cable options.
  • UK manufacture with fast turnaround from quote to delivery.

Typical MPO Breakout Types (using 12 & 8 position examples):     

    MPO Breakout Cable Part Number Configurator:

    The Challenge: When installing network cabling the challenge can be meeting deadline pressures such as minimal installation time, out of hours working, strict access controls, storage or sometimes the necessary available skill set to terminate and test on site. Pre-Terms are tested in a controlled factory environment providing consistent network performance, reducing installation time by 75% compared to field termination methods and eliminating the need for on-site bundling and terminating. Factory testing reduces the time and cost associated with on-site testing and ensures verified performance. Permanent link test data is supplied with each assembly.

    • Significantly reduced installation and labour costs – up to 75% less time than field termination methods
    • No site storage and reduced waste – up to 80% less packaging and no termination scrap material or debris to dispose of.
    • 100% factory tested and inspected ensuring plug and play – supplied with test data and fully traceable.
    • UK manufacture with fast turnaround from quote to delivery. 

    Performance Specification: