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MPO assemblies are becoming more widespread to reduce cable density and migrate from 10G to 100G applications. xSiCute supplies MPO as trunks, harnesses, interconnects and reference cords in multimode and singlemode in various polarity options.

The Following Trunk Cable information can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

Our "Guide to MPO" detailing the background to MPO systems and the issues with polarity can be downloaded by clicking here.

MPO - MPO Trunk Cables: UK manufactured in multimode and single mode in various polarity options and 12 or 24 positions. Two types of Trunk Cables are available depending on application:

  • SlimTrunk: Single jacket MPO Trunk assemblies with a 3mm diameter sheath on 12 way and 4.5mm for 24 position. They are typically used for patching within a cabinet:
  • Trunk: Dual jacket MPO Trunk assemblies with a more robust double jacket sheath providing greater crush resistance. Typically designed for a longer cable length in cabinet to cabinet applications or for connecting different areas of a building. These Cables are available with a pulling eye option and maintain a compact diameter of just 4.5mm for 12 positions and 5.5mm for 24 way assemblies.

Best of Breed Cable: xSicute MPO Trunk assemblies use cable from Draka Prysmian who are the largest cable manufacturer (measured by revenue) in the world. The cable sheath is LSZH to the Euro Class CPR (Constructors Product Regulations) Cca-s1a-d1-a1 standard for our SlimTrunk cables and to B2ca-s1a-d1-a1 for dual jacket Trunk Cables. CPR regulations have standardised class ratings across Europe and rate how cable reacts to fire in terms of how quickly it spreads, heat release, smoke production, acid gas production and flaming droplets. xSiCute is at the forefront in terms of complying with CPR standards. Not all cable assembly manufacturers use cable of such a high standard. For the xSiCute Guide to CPR EuroClasses click here.

Best of Breed Connectors: We use Senko MPO Plus Mini Connectors for our assemblies as standard.  Features include the ability to quickly change polarity and gender in the field allowing greater flexibility in network configuration  and faster installation time. Combined with the industries lowest insertion loss ferrule, improved mechanical design and a shorter connector length than other brands all of which gives greater durability, versatility and performance. Senko has taken a leadership role in refining and optimising the original standard for MPO addressing network migration from 10Gb/s to 40 and 100Gb/s systems.

MPO Polarity:

The TIA 568.3-D standard provides the methods for configuring MPO systems to ensure proper connections are made and a transmit signal from active equipment is directed to a receive port on a second active device and vice versa. Understanding the following three methods where the connector body is either “key up” or “key down” (methods A, B and C) is critical to the correct implementation of a network using MPO connectors. Click here to download our Guide to MPO.

Method A – Key UP to Key DOWN

Method A: With “Key Up” at one end and “Key Down” at the other end. xSiCute manufactures to the TIA 568.3-D industry standard. The images below show the polarity and wiring for 12 and 24 position Method A assemblies.


Method B – Key UP to Key UP

Method B: With “Key Up” at both ends of the assembly. xSiCute manufactures to the TIA 568.3-D industry standard. The images below show the polarity and wiring for 12 and 24 position Method B assemblies.


Method C – Key UP to Key DOWN

Method C: With “Key Up” at one end and “Key Down” at the other end so at first site appears the same as Method A assemblies, however, the wiring is different. xSiCute manufactures to the TIA 568.3-D industry standard. The images below show the polarity and wiring for 12 and 24 position Method C assemblies.


Trunk Cable Part Number Configurator:

*Cable / Fibre Type: Standard cable is Prysmian Draka LSZH to CPR Euroclass Cca-s1a-d1-a1 for SlimTrunk assemblies. To B2ca-s1a-d1-a1 for dual jacket ruggedized cables.

  • OM3 50/125 with an Aqua cable sheath.
  • OM4 50/125 with a Heather Violet cable sheath.
  • OM5 50/125 with a Lime Green cable sheath.
  • OS2 9/125 with a Yellow cable sheath.

**Assembly Type: Slim Trunk Single jacket cables with 3mm OD for 12 way and 4.5mm for 24 position. Or Trunk ruggedised dual jacket cables with 4.5mm OD for 12 way and 5.5mm for 24 position.

***Pulling Eye option: With Trunk ruggedised dual jacket cables only.

Weatherproof IP-68 MPO Trunk Cable Assemblies:

Industrial IP-68 weatherproof MPO Trunk Cable assemblies are also available. Please contact us for details:

The xSiCute Difference: Considerable investment has been made in test and measurement equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure xSiCute MPO assemblies are manufactured in a controlled environment and meet our best of breed criteria. Factory testing reduces the time and cost associated with on site testing and ensures verified performance. Permanent link test data is supplied with each assembly. 

  • Significantly reduced installation and labour costs – up to 75% less time than field termination methods
  • No site storage and reduced waste – up to 80% less packaging and no termination scrap material or debris to dispose of.
  • Best of breed utilising Senko connectors with Prysmian Draka cable as standard.
  • Field changeable polarity and gender MPO connectors allows greater flexibility in network configuration, installation time and stock.
  • Compatible with all MPO/MTP systems.
  • 100% factory tested and inspected ensuring plug and play – supplied with test data and fully traceable.
  • Connector ferrule design gives industries lowest insertion loss.
  • Innovative free-floating ferrule maintains connections during mechanical side pull forces.
  • Enhanced MPO oval spring design provides greater fibre clearance and enhances mechanical performance.
  • CPR compliant with B2ca and Cca cable options.
  • UK manufacture with fast turnaround from quote to delivery.

 Product Specification:


Type / Application

Prysmian Draka OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2 Patch/Trunk Cable. Fits MPO/MTP connectors according to IEC 61754-7-1


EN 50173-5, IEC 60794-2-20, ISO/IEC 24764


8 & 12 core primary coated fibres 250um

Strength Members

Ultra-high modulus Aramid yarns. OM3 50/125, 0M4 50/125, OM5 50/125, OS2 9/125

Fibre Colours

1 = Blue, 2 = Orange, 3 = Green, 4 = Brown, 5 = Grey, 6 = White, 7 = Red, 8 = Black, 9 = Yellow, 10 = Violet, 11 = Pink, 12 = Aqua

CPR Euroclass/Flame Resistance

3mm Trunk Cables: Cca-s1a-d1-a1.
4.5mm Trunk Cables: B2ca-s1a-d1-a1.

Sheath Material/Colour

LSZH: OM3 Aqua (RAL 6027), OM4 Erika Violet (RAL 4003), OM5 Lime Green, OS2 Yellow (RAL 1018)


3mm +/- 0.15mm (8 & 12 fibre)
4.5mm dual sheath +/- 0.1mm (8 & 12 fibre)

Maximum Attenuation (Units dB/km)

OM3 & OM4: at 850nm <3.0, at 1300nm <1.0
OS2: at1310nm <0.38, at 1383nm <0.38, at 1550nm <0.23, at 1625nm <0.25

Bend Radius (Installation)

3mm Trunk: 60mm
4.5mm Dual Sheath Trunk: 90mm

Tensile Strength

3mm Trunk: Dynamic 450N, Permanent 225N
4.5mm Dual Sheath Trunk: Dynamic 1000N, Permanent 300N

Temperature Range

3mm Trunk: Operation & Installation 0°C to 50°C,
Storage -20°C to 70°C
4.5mm Dual Sheath: Operation & Installation 0c to 50°C, Storage -20°C to 60°C

Compressive Strength (Crush) (N/100mm)




Senko MPO Plus range


Gender Changeable (Male or Female)


A, B or C (Field changable on multimode)


37mm with 3mm round cable


Glass filled PolyPhenylene

Guide Pins

Stainless Steel to a tolerance of +/-0.1Um

Insertion Loss

Max 0.25dB and typically lower than 0.1dB

Body Colour

OM3 - Aqua, OM4 - Heather Violet, OS2: Yellow


Meets and exceeds Telecordia GR-1435. IEC 61754-7, TIA-604-5-D

Cable Assembly wiring / Polarisation

TIA 568.3-D